Kitchen chimney repair services in Hyderabad

Chimney clinic is specialized in kitchen chimney repair services in Hyderabad. We were at the chimney clinic doing chimney installation and repair services. We do multi-brand chimney services like Racold, Glen, Faber, Gilma, and many more. Register your chimney complaint booking here to assign our Chimney technician.

Our chimney service engineer will come to your place and diagnose all issues related to your chimney. As per company guidelines, he will follow all instructions related to covid19 to give the best service to our customers.

Kitchen chimney services provided @ Chimney clinic Hyderabad

  • Chimney repair and services
  • Chimney general cleaning
  • Chimney deep cleaning
  • Chimney installation
  • Chimney un-installation
  • Chimney uninstallation and installation

Chimney General Installation guide

  • Ensure the installation type of chimney that is Recycling or Ducting
  • Mark the standard distance between the top of the hob and the bottom of the chimney
  • Find and match the center of the chimney and hob
  • Mark the holes for the wall mounting bracket on the walls 
  • By making standard holes, fix the wall mounting bracket on the wall
  • Install the chimney on the wall
  • Align the chimney align horizontally by adjusting the wall lever screw
  • Connect power supply cord to electrical supply point
  • In Ducting mode, after installing the chimney, make the ducting as per the company recommended guidelines
  • In recycle mode, install charcoal filter as applicable to model
  • Fix the duct cover

Our Chimney technicians will diagnose and repair any of the following issues 

  • Broke capping
  • Creosote Buildup
  • Blockage
  • Caps, Covers, and Dampers
  • Damage to chimney flashing
  • Flue cleaning
  • Deep cleaning
  • General Cleaning
  • Fan Problem
  • Cleaning the duct pipe
  • Cleaning the filter
  • Installation service